Dear Knights,

Lately many scammers started targeting our community by stealing our servers identity (using our logos & art signatures), some of them share some links where they ask you to login to your account while in reality they are gathering your account informations.

What you should do to be always safe from getting scammed:

1. Verify you are at our official website: WWW.ZONE-MYKO.COM

2. Verify you are at our official forums:

3. Verify you are at our official Facebook page:

4. Do not click on any links sent to you via PMs, or that you find in the comment section in our facebook page.

5. Inspect all links before clicking on them, if they dont contain the above addresses do not click on them (check carefully the letters).


    BAD LINK: &


    BAD LINK: &

6. Our GM list is always on the website, if anyone PM you pretending to be a GM, use our forums to report him, also never follow links or events that anyone send you in-game, all our events are announced in our forums & official channels.

Stay safe and have fun!

Release Date: 24 Şubat 2018, Cumartesi 11:15
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